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Our professional team of experts  at our  oil and gas training firm brings unparalleled industry knowledge and experience to empower aspiring professionals with cutting-edge skills and expertise.

Recognised Certificates

Recognised Certificates

We not only offer quality Safety and Maritime Trainings we also issue certifications to all graduates.

Dedicated Staff

Dedicated Staff

All our staff are professionals and certified to render trainings in the Oil and Gas sector.

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This safety and maritime company was founded with a mission to enhance security protocols and promote safe practices within the oil and gas and  maritime industry, ensuring the protection of lives and valuable  resources.

GMT Safety and Maritime  Academy  provides specialised training, consultancy services, and state-of-the-art equipment to enhance safety measures and mitigate risks for the oil and gas industry, ensuring operational excellence and environmental protection.


With years of industry expertise, our company has acquired a multitude of professional certifications and accreditations, Supported by a highly skilled team of technical and instructional staff.


Our crane operations training procedure involves comprehensive theoretical instruction, practical hands-on training, and assessments conducted by certified instructors.


Our offshore oil and gas training procedure encompasses safety protocols, technical skill development, and emergency response training to ensure personnel are equipped for the challenges of offshore operations.


Our maritime training procedure involves a rigorous curriculum covering navigation, seamanship, safety protocols, and vessel operations to prepare individuals for careers in the maritime industry.


Our HSE training procedure is designed to educate personnel on regulations, risk, strategies, emergency protocols, and best practices to promote a safe environment.


Our QC/QA training procedure focuses on equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure adherence to quality standards, product integrity, and regulatory compliance throughout the production or service delivery process.


Our welding training procedure encompasses theoretical instruction, practical hands-on experience, and safety protocols to develop proficiency in various welding techniques and ensure adherence to industry standards.


Our fire safety training procedure involves comprehensive instruction on fire prevention, detection, evacuation protocols, and the proper use of firefighting equipment to ensure personnels respond effectively to fire emergencies.



Our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) training procedure educates workers on the selection, usage, maintenance, and limitations of safety gear such as helmets, gloves, and respirators to mitigate workplace hazards.

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Jude Obot

"I got the best training and certification from GMT"

I am privileged to know this company and their operations.

John Obot
CEO, Keen IT Solution
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